Holistic Therapies


Mandy Quinn

What is reflexology?

The feet provide a map for the body's organs - the stomach and pancreas,for example are found in the arch any problems in the feet can be diagnosed and treated via the same specialised foot massage. I read the body via the feet-crunchiness soreness or hollowness in a area indicates a problem in the related organ or body part then I apply pressure to trigger the body's own healing process.

What is it good for?

Reflexology is a powerful form of preventative medicine,I work a lot on minor health problems be they digestive issues or back or headaches I have had success in pain management and in working with sufferers of long degenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson I can't reverse these conditions, obviously but I can help with some of the symptom.

The 5000 year old therapy of Reflexology is based on the theory that they are reflexes in the hands and feet that corresponds to every organ,gland and part of the body proper stimulation of these points improves circulation relaxes tension,nourishes the nervous system and assists the body in seeking its own equilibrium.

Some of my clients have been coming for nearly 15 years says first they feel better, then they feel well, then they stay well. A new client will tell me they haven't had a cold this year for the first time ever,they have more energy, Reflexology definitely helps the body even if we don't quite understand it, what you notice during a session is that I can even the most thought - addled brain into delicious shutdown. The anxiety state is what I see most often which means that all the energy is in the head so the rest of the body doesn't have enough energy. my work triggers the parasympathetic nervous sister reducing anxiety stopping the flight or flight response and letting the body heal.

The aim of reflexology is to create homeostasis which means that the organs in the body are all working together and at their best the results can be remarkable.


£40 Session