Smoking Aversion

Is Hypnotherapy An Effective Way Of Quitting?

One of the largest surveys of effective ways of giving up smoking concluded that for most smokers the most effective technique for giving up smoking was hypnosis. The study, undertaken by Frank Schmidt and colleagues at the University of Iowa (reported in New Scientist vol. 136 issue 1845 - 31 October 92) analysed the results of more than 600 independent researchers. * See Disclaimer

The hypnotherapy for aversion to smoking lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. An optional guarantee is available. If you start smoking within three months of the session I will see you as many times as required free of charge. (*see below)

You maybe thinking how can it possible work? Or you maybe thinking I have tried everything else why should this method be more effective!
However, many of the clients that approach myself to stop smoking have tried various other means (nicotine patches, gum, will power etc) and hypnosis is very often the last resort. The reason hypnosis is so effective is because whilst in hypnotic rest our subconscious becomes open to suggestion an the subconscious is the storage place for our habits an addictions. The only way we can get through to the subconscious is by bypassing the conscious an hypnosis has the capability of doing just this. Once we enter the subconscious we can re-programme it to dislike cigarettes so we have no desire/ craving for them. Yes, its that easy!!* See Disclaimer


The session will comprise of :
- general introduction an explanation of hypnosis
- relaxation techniques
- 5 minute footage on smoking
- short questions about your smoking habits that will help personalise the hypnosis session
- hypnosis session 1 (30 minutes long) -based on aversion to smoking, relating to the smell, taste and desire to smoke.
- short break
- hypnosis session 2 (20 minutes long)- relates smoking to ill health so any fear you have regarding smoking
Will be embedded within your subconscious.
You will be given two discs of the hypnotherapy sessions to take away thus if you ever have a craving you can listen to the discs in the comfort of your own home rather than paying for any further sessions.

The cost of the session is £150

Alternatively I do record personalised smoking sessions an send you the disc via postage this is also an extremely effective way of giving up. Simply give myself a call I will ask you a series of questions which I will use to personalise your disc- it will then be sent to you via postage. At a cost of £60.


J Lynne said:"I had smoked every day for 20 years and gave up in one single session with you. I feel great. The session was very relaxing and an all round pleasant experience. Thank you." * See Disclaimer
J Lynne, Wirral

Results may vary.