Weight Loss

With the NEW Hypno Gastric Band

About a third of all the patients I see request hypnotherapy to lose weight. Very often they have tried every diet Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins etc an hypnotherapy is the last resort. Many people, particularly women, struggle with their weight for years, successfully losing weight through dieting, only to put it on again within a few months. Ninety five per cent of individuals who lose weight dieting will put the weight back on.

At present the Hypno-Gastric Band is a revolutionary new concept engulfing the weight loss world. It is a brand new, step by step process that will bring you the weight loss you so desire at a huge discount to Gastric Band Surgery. Our mind band can give you the same results as a real Gastric Band but last forever.* See Disclaimer

"Dawn a therapist within the Rodney Street practice appeared in a national newspaper with the high success rate of the Hypno Gastric Band, Dawn specialises in weight-loss"

In reality the Gastric Band is an adjustable band, that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The Gastric Band is however not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved, it is a drastic step, and carries the usual pain and risks of any major surgical operation in this area of the body. With the Hypno-Gastric Band you can have the same results but without the risk & high cost.


The sessions we conduct are as follows:

Session 1

At your first session we will:
Complete a questionnaire in relation to your eating habits.
Your BMI will be checked. Any health concerns discussed.
We will then carry out some mild hypnotherapy relaxation with the idea of food aversion introduced.


Session 2
Is based around your responses to the questionnaire an will focus on where we feel the weakness to food or the weight gain arises from.
Therefore we will aim to:
Avert you to the foods you desire/crave
Promote eating of healthy foods ( Fruits you enjoy/Veg/Salads)
Reduce your portion sizes
Encouragement of exercise


Session 3
If your BMI is high (Over 30- Obese) we will conduct a session on ill health in relation to your weight. If BMI less than 30 this session may not be necessary.
Alternatively we may promote feelings of happiness/positive outlook/mood lifting as many patients with weight gain find they suffer with low moods.


Session 4
The 'surgery' itself.
Under hypnosis we take you to hospital an carry out the Hypno-Gastric Band Surgery. Within our centre we use the new Vortex-Activ equipment which emit's the hospital clinical scent. A device used in clinics in Spain an extremely effective in creating the scene.


Session 5
Although not necessary for all some people may find they want an adjustment on their band this could be done at any time in the future and is available to all that desire it. Or maybe you will just want your band removed as you no longer need it!


All the sessions are recorded for you to take away an listen to in the comfort of your own home, therefore supporting what we have done within the session.
The cost is £60 a session.

It truly is an easy way to lose weight.


Susan said: "I must admit I was very apprehensive about whether hypnotherapy could help me to lose weight. My friend recommended you to me as she had been to see you for two sessions and has since lost a stone. After my session. I came away feeling motivated and enthusiastic. I haven’t wanted to eat between meals and I find that I am nowhere near as hungry as I used to be. I’m feeling great."* See Disclaimer
Susan, North Wales

Results may vary.