Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural, safe, relaxing state of mind, much like a daydream. While in this comfortable state you are able to reprogram your own subconscious to alleviate or cure all manner of physical and emotional ills.

Everybody in the world goes into the hypnotic state at least 25 times a day. Have you ever driven a familiar route, and suddenly thought I don't remember passing a certain place or have you ever been engrossed watching a film, and suddenly realised your coffee has gone cold.

That is a light hypnotic state. If you have ever encountered one of these situations or something similar then you would greatly benefit from hypnotherapy

How long will I need treatment for:

Hypnotherapy is considered to be a "Brief Therapy" which means that usually only a few sessions, typically 4 to 6, are needed. Client sessions are conducted on a "one-to-one" basis as this is found to be most effective.

We generally recommend an initial free consultation on the phone or face to face so that your issues can be discussed and any questions you may have can be answered enabling you to feel relaxed and comfortable prior to hypnotic trance. Subsequent sessions lasts for 50-60 minutes and the consultation fee is £55.

Although smoking sessions are only one session lasting 1hr 30 minutes at a cost of £150.
If you started to smoke within three months of treatment I will see you as many times as required for further treatment for FREE.